The EverTrue Score

What is the EverTrue Score?

The EverTrue Score is a predictive donor score that helps frontline fundraisers more effectively prioritize constituent outreach. We use anonymized, cross-institutional data from hundreds of customers to determine how aspects of constituents’ profiles predict giving likelihood and expected gift value.

How is the EverTrue Score calculated?

The EverTrue Score is a dynamic calculation between 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest). It is calculated from several scoring dimensions, in two broad categories:

  1. Donor Fit: Describes the extent to which a constituent looks like other proven donors, factoring key demographic information.
  2. Donor Activity: Describes whether a constituent has exhibited behaviors that are predictive of giving, factoring constituent giving history and social network activity — including Facebook engagement.

A constituent’s EverTrue Score is dynamic and can change daily based on changes to the underlying data. For example, if a constituent changes jobs or likes a Facebook post, they may be re-scored. It is percentile ranked (a score of 4 means that the constituent ranks in the fourth quintile, or 61st - 80th percentile).

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