SSO Authentication Configuration

EverTrue offers authentication with any SAML 2.0 standard compatible Identity Provider. The information to set up the configuration is listed below. When SSO is enabled, users will take the following steps to log in:

  1.  User enters their email at
  2.  Click "Enter with Organization"
  3. User will be redirected to your organizations SAML page to log in with their credentials. If your institution uses an MFA option like Duo, then they would go through those steps. 
  4. Once authentication is successful, they will be redirected to the EverTrue platform. 

Metadata Files

EverTrue offers Stage and Production metadata files. Please reach out to your implementation specialist or to receive these files. 

EverTrue Primary Service Provider Info (Prod)

EverTrue Primary Service Provider Info (Stage for Testing)

Key Settings

    1. NameID is the only required field.
    2. NameID must be persistent. Typically, EverTrue customers use UID or email (you should choose whatever your users are most accustomed to using logging in with).
    3. We cannot accept encrypted assertions.