Manually Export Data

If your institution is entering Interactions, proposals or assignments in EverTrue, you can manually export those anytime you need!


  • Only Interactions or proposals entered or edited in EverTrue will be included in the export file
  • EverTrue Comments are not exportable reports. 
  • RM Assignment exports include data imported to EverTrue AND data created in EverTrue such as stage changes. 
  1. Go to Settings > Export Data. 
  2. Click "Manual Export" to the right of a file type to begin the extracting process
  3. You'll be asked to select a Time Period for the export. This will set the timeframe of the Updated Date of the file being extracted.
  4. When selecting a Time Period, you have the option to select a Custom Date Range, which opens a date range picker. Once you've set the date range you're looking for, click Apply. To get data for today, choose the Custom Date Range option and set the To and From to today's date. 
  5. With your Time Period selected, hit "Start Export"!

Your export will kickoff and you'll see a progress bar appear in the top right of your screen. Once the file has completed, you'll see  "Export File Ready" with an option to Download.

You can also download the file from your Recent Exports, which displays your past exports that are available to download for up to 90 days.

The format of the CSV will be based on your interaction entry formproposal entry form, or our standard assignment export format. If you would like to automate an export to run every day, check out our Scheduled Exports.