Eventbrite Email Collection Setup

To ensure that your event registrants appear in EverTrue, make sure your event requires an email address as a part of registration. Having email addresses is not only important for EverTrue to create matches between registrants and your constituent records, but is also a requirement to sync registrant data to EverTrue. 

When creating your event and order form in Eventbrite, you will want to turn on the "Include" option for email addresses. We recommend turning on both "Include" and "Require" for "Email Address," as well as setting the Collection Type to "Each Attendee."

Collection Types

  • Buyer Only - if you are only collecting the buyer's information, you will only see the buyer in EverTrue.
  • Each Attendee (Recommended) - if asking a buyer to enter individual information for each of the attendees they are purchasing tickets for, you will see each attendee that they register and provided a unique email address for in EverTrue.

Note: Eventbrite admins can manually add email addresses to attendees. In the case that an event was created and email was either not included or required, not all attendees may appear in EverTrue. If an Eventbrite admin adds an email address to an attendee's order, the attendee will then appear in EverTrue the next day.

In the case an event attendee is not appearing in EverTrue, you can confirm that they have supplied an email address when placing their order. To do this, look for the order in Eventbrite and click to view details. Under the Attendee section, click on their name.

In the Attendee Information, check to ensure that an email address is listed. If you find that the attendee has not listed an email address, the email field will be blank. This is where you can add the attendee's email if missing.