Manually Match Eventbrite Email Addresses

In the "Unmatched" section of an event, you can match event registrants to their constituent record. 

Make an Event Match

  1. Click on the "Match to Constituent" button to the right of any respondent to open a modal that allows you to search your constituent records. 

  2. In the matching modal, you can search for constituents by first or last name, as well as email address. (You can even do  first  name and last initial, or first initial and last name.) Use the selector to the right of the record to choose the constituent record you want and click Match to Constituent.  

  3. Once you've manually matched an event registrant to a constituent record, that match will carry over to any other events that the attendee has signed up for with that email address.

Make Multiple Event Email Matches

Through Eventbrite, registrants can use any email they choose to register for each of your events. Because of that, you may have a single constituent using more than one email with your institution. Through EverTrue, you can collect and report on all of those registration emails on one constituent record. For any email that belongs to a constituent, go through the process above and match them to the correct record. 

To view all the email address associated with a constituent, click "Manage Eventbrite Emails" under the Social section of a constituent's profile (found on the "Summary" tab of a profile). Here you can also remove an email that has been incorrectly manually matched to the record - just click "Remove Email" and you'll remove the match.