Volunteer Lead

Are you utilizing the power of a volunteer lead for your institution's volunteer program? If so, EverTrue's Volunteer platform includes specific tools to help your volunteer leads propel their efforts and your volunteers forward. Volunteer Leads have access to...

  1. View all prospects in a pool, who they are assigned to (even if self-assignment is off), and their contact & giving data
  2. View a summary report on how the pool is performing overall
  3. View a list of volunteers and how they are performing individually

Each one of these components is a separate feature that can be enabled for your institution's volunteer leads. The first component is required to enabled the 2nd and 3rd components. 

Managing Volunteer Leads

On the admin side of Volunteer, you can quickly designate and see who your Volunteer Leads are within each pool. To designate a Volunteer Lead, you can... 

  1. Import Volunteer Leads via the Volunteer Assignment File by utilizing the Volunteer Role field. Once imported, the volunteer will have an indicator under their Volunteer record in the pool that identifies them as a lead. 
  2. Manually designate Volunteer Leads in the EverTrue Volunteer Management module   
    1. Navigate to the Pool and locate the volunteer(s) (in the left-side Volunteers list) you want to designate as a Lead. 
    2. Open the "three-dot" menu in the upper-right corner of their volunteer card and select "Mark Volunteer Lead"

    1. Once confirmed, a new indicator will appear under the volunteers name letting you know they now have Volunteer Lead permissions applied to their account.

What does the Volunteer Lead see?

A Volunteer Lead will* have access to the same data points and reporting that an Admin will see with EverTrue's Volunteer Insights per pool. A volunteer lead can quickly access a pool's reporting in volunteer.evertrue.com by selecting their pool and using the top dropdown arrow to navigate to "Show Reporting." 

There are three sections within this report: summarized pool data, pool performance, and volunteer performance. For a full description of each component, refer to our Volunteer Insights documentation. 

A volunteer can quickly navigate back to their assignment and prospects with the same dropdown arrow by clicking "Show Assignments."

*Based on what is enabled for your institution.