Suggest a Contact Update (Web)

Need to update the contact info of one of your prospects? When you look up a record in EverTrue, you now have the ability to suggest an update or change to a constituent's profile. You will be prompted to enter the new information as well as details about the update. Then, your institution's data manager will review and approve of your changes

Suggest an Update

1. Navigate to the constituent profile you would like to update. There are several places to begin a suggested update, but the two primary locations are: 

a) Under the Constituent Info tab where Contact Info is listed 

b) The Actions dropdown menu

2. Click Suggest Contact Update to open the suggestion window where you can submit information to any of the four categories: Phone, Email, Address and Misc.

3. Choose the section most relevant to your update, then the type of change you'd like to make (see below), and enter your suggested update. Please note that you are required to provide additional Info about the reason for your update. 

4. In the Phone, Email, and Address sections, you have the option to Add New, Edit, and Retire. 

Add New - Use this to add a new set of data, like an additional phone number.

Edit - Use this for tweaking an existing set of data, like a typo in an address.

Retire - Use this for removing a set completely, like an out of date email.

5. By saving your update, it will be automatically submitted to your data manager for review and approval! You will not see the update immediately in EverTrue, as your data manager must first update the data in your database before it will show in EverTrue. 

Looking for more places to Suggest an Update? Learn how to use this in My Trips

What happens after submitting a suggestion?

Once your suggested update is submitted, your designated data manager will be tasked with reviewing the suggestion. If they decide to approve a suggestion, they will make the contact info change in your database and import the new data to EverTrue. Once imported, the new contact information will display on the record. At this time, there are no notifications when changes have been approved and implemented in EverTrue. If you have questions about the status of a suggestion, reach out to your data manager. You can read more about the review process here