Suggest An Update Review Process

All incoming suggested contact updates from your EverTrue users will be located in under Review Contact Updates. As the data administrator for your institution, you are responsible for approving or rejecting those submissions and getting them back into your database. Our goal at EverTrue is to make your job as easy as possible! Let's take this process out of emails and spreadsheets like you might be using today and modernize it!

It is important to note that updates are not automatically approved and reflected in EverTrue. All updates must go through a review process and first make it back to your database before going live in EverTrue. 

Steps for Review

  • Go to > Review Contact Updates. You will only have access to this site if you have been given permissions as a data administrator. This portal is where you will be able to review, approve or reject, and export any incoming updates. 
  • On the left side, is a feed of all incoming updates. Here you'll find the name of the constituent whose profile was updated, the type of update, the date of update, and who submitted the update. 
  • By clicking on an update, you will see the details of the submission in the right-side panel, including the constituent's name, constituency type, class year (if available), the type of update, the updated data suggestion, and the additional information a user is required to enter with their update. 

  • Click through each update to review the submission and either approve or reject it. 
  • You can also bulk approve or reject updates using the checkbox next to each submission. Click the submissions you would like to take action on, and use the above "options" button to approve or reject in bulk. 

Once you have gone through all of the submissions you would like to take action on, the next step is to export those so you can update your database accordingly. More information on the export format and process can be found here