Deleting a Pool

Looking to delete one or all of your volunteer pools? We have a few options. Please note that deleting a pool cannot be undone!

Delete One Pool

To delete a single pool, begin in the Volunteer tab. On a pool card, click the three-dot menu to display the Delete Pool option. 

Deleting Multiple Pools

To delete multiple pools at a time, toggle to the table view of pools:

Using our Bulk Actions functionality, select all or multiple pools that you want to delete. 

Before the deletion is made, you will be asked to confirm the pools that you want to delete. We try to prevent accidental deletions by confirming your request.  

Note: Deleting a pool via an import file is not possible at this time.

How does deleting a pool affect volunteers?

When you delete a pool, you remove the pool itself and all assignments between volunteers and prospects in that pool. This does not "kick out" the volunteers from the platform itself. If pools are deleted and volunteers are removed from their pools, they will still have login access to Volunteer by EverTrue. When they log in, they will see a blank screen since they no longer have assignments. This means that year-to-year, you do not need to re-invite your volunteers.