Relationship Management: Prospect Stages

In EverTrue, all prospect stages come via an import of solicitor data. These stages help power the Portfolio module in EverTrue. To set the order of your stages, complete the following:

  1. When setting up for the first time, an EverTrue Owner (aka Admin) will see a "Set Prospect Stage Order" button in the middle of the landing page for Portfolio. If you are returning to Portfolio and need to adjust the stage order, go to the Actions drop-down menu in the upper-right corner and select "Edit Stage Order." 
  2. Set the order by dragging and dropping the available stages from the left column "Available" to the right column "Active." Stages are ordered top to bottom. (Note that all stages in EverTrue come from the imported data via the institution's constituent file. If you do not see a stage you're looking for, make sure that the stage is being imported to EverTrue.)