Relationship Management: Connect Users to IDs and Contacts

To ensure all Relationship Management features are functional in EverTrue, make sure that each user has a linked remote ID and contact profile. To do this, complete both actions below for each users. Note, it may not be necessary for all of your users to be connected in this way. Ask your Implementation Specialist or EverTrue Support for more information.

Link IDs

Make sure to connect each user to their institution ID to ensure that their ID is logged when writing an interaction in EverTrue.

  1. Go to Settings >> Manage Team
  2. Under "User Remote ID," link every user to their institution ID. 
  3. Click "Link ID" to get started. First, check the dropdown menu to see if the associated ID can be found in the set of imported data. If you cannot find the ID there, no worries. Enter the remote ID from your system in the box to the left.
  4. Once linked, the ID will appear in the "User Remote ID" column for reference.

Match Contacts

It is also necessary to match a solicitor user with an imported contact record in Team Management for the Portfolios component of Relationship Management. Matching users with their corresponding contact record is required to enable users to see and manage their own portfolios ( moves management, add/remove prospects, mark key relationships, etc.).

  1. Go to Portfolios and select a team to get started* 
  2. Navigate to the Solicitors tab to view a list of all solicitors within that team. 
  3. The status of the match is indicated in the "User Match" column.
  4. If unmatched, click on the three-dots to the right of the User Match column, click 'Match to a User".and enter the user's name in the search bar
  5. Select the correct user and click Match. Voila, you've made a match!