Joint Assignments

A helpful feature in the Volunteer Module is the ability to create Joint Assignments.  Once a pool is created and prospects are added, you may link prospects to their spouses or partners.  Once a joint assignment is made, you will see the names linked side by side, with the words "Joint Assignment" beneath it.  Please note: both the prospect and their partner must be included as prospects in the pool before linking can take place. 

How to create a joint assignment

Once in a pool, locate the constituent that needs to be made into a joint assignment.  Click on the three dots to the right of their name:  

Then select Link Prospect in the drop-down

Next, the options of who to link the prospects to will appear as well as the option to search through the pool

Once linked, the constituents' profiles will appear as a Joint Assignment

Viewing Joint Assignments in Volunteers

In the Volunteer platform, the option to view Primary and Secondary prospects will appear on the joint assignment, giving the user the option to toggle between prospects: