Interaction Export Format

Whether you are manually pulling export files or using scheduled exports, your interactions CSV file format will be the same. The format of the CSV file is based on your interaction entry form. You can find a sample interactions export file here, but your exact CSV file might look slightly different based on your settings. For your institution's exact interactions CSV format, consider pulling a manual export from EverTrue directly. Note that if your interaction entry form changes, this may impact your CSV export format.   

In the event that EverTrue needs to update the interaction CSV format, we will notify the data contact(s) at your institution, knowing that your script may rely on the consistency of this format. 

File Naming Convention


*Please note that the date at the end of the file name is in GMT time. 

Definitions for Commonly Asked About Fields

InteractionImportID - This is your institution's ID for the imported interaction.

InteractionEverTrueID - EverTrue assigns an ID to interactions that originate in EverTrue. This value is important for you to retain in your database if you are using a round-trip interactions import process. 

ConstituentImportID - This is your ID for the constituent the interaction is associated with.

ConstituentEverTrueID - This is EverTrue's internal ID for your constituents. This is not important for you to retain. 

Category - This is an overarching category for the InteractionType. This value is assigned by EverTrue and is not important for you to retain. 

InteractionType - This is the type of interaction, selected by your users when writing an interaction in EverTrue.

Creator User ID

ProposalImportID - If an interaction is logged on a proposal, the ID of the proposal will be included in this field. 

ProposalEverTrueID - EverTrue has an ID for any imported proposal. If an interaction is logged on a proposal, there will be a value in this field. This field is not important for you to retain at this time. 

DateOccurred; CreatedAt; UpdatedAt - These date/time formats are in your local time.

Solicitor1ImportID - The ID of the solicitor who is getting credit for the interaction. The number of solicitors allowed to get credit for each interaction is set during the interaction form creation process. This value (max number of solicitors) will be reflected in the CSV export file and create a static set of columns. If no max number is set, the number of solicitor columns in your export may vary. 

Note: Any custom fields will be listed after the Solicitor data. 

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