Volunteer Interactions Export & Format

All interactions written by a volunteer in Volunteer by EverTrue (web or mobile) will be captured for your organization to use in EverTrue and export for your records. 

How to Export Volunteer Interactions

  1. Open your user menu in the upper-right corner and go to "Settings." 
  2. Go to the "Export Data" tab where you'll find the Volunteer Interactions export. 

  1. From here, you can choose to run a manual export and select your timeframe, or schedule a daily export via SFTP. 

Export Format

Your Volunteer Interactions will be exported as a standard CSV file. Click here to view a sample file as well as definitions for each field. Please note that your export format may differ based on the settings enabled for your institution. 

All Volunteer Interactions will be marked as one of the following types: Volunteer Text Message, Volunteer Phone call, Volunteer Social, Volunteer Email, Volunteer Note.