How to Navigate Gift Transactions

Adding gift transactions to EverTrue allows you to dive deeper into your donors and their interests. You can use filters to segment your constituent population by their transactions and get all the details on those transactions directly on a profile. 


You can filter on your gift transactions by selecting Filter and typing in "Gift Transaction." 

Then filtering on transactions, you'll have the following options: 

  • "Has made a gift" vs "Has not made a gift"
  • Designation: Values populated from your imported Designation types
  • Designation Category: Values populate from your imported Designation Categories
  • Campaign Credit: Campaign the gift was credited to
  • Gift Date
  • Gift Amount

Constituent Profile

To view the gift transaction data on an individual constituent profile, navigate to the Giving tab and look under "Gift Transactions" near the bottom left.

At the bottom of their Transaction History, you will see an option to "View All." By clicking "View All," you will be able to see the constituent's entire transaction history (based on the imported data). 

Click on any transactional amount to see the full set of details. 

If you are interested in implementing gift transactions, feel free to reach out to us at!