Bulk Pool Actions

If you want to make bulk changes to your pools' settings and assignments instead of managing them one at a time, we have you covered! Bulk pool actions will enable volunteer program admins to manage pool configuration and assignments by applying changes across multiple pools at once!


To toggle between Card view and Table view, select the "Table" or "Cards" option on the right side

Table View

A table view of your pools is available, in addition to the existing card view, with the following information:

    • % Assigned
    • Count of volunteers and prospects
    • Current giving category
    • Self-selection setting
    • Stage Group

Multi-Pool Selection & Deletion

While on the table view, select a single pool or up to 50 at a time (those that are displayed) in the Table view and choose "Bulk Actions" to either Delete or Reset your pools. When deleting pools, the user will be prompted to review and confirm the deletion(s).

In the "Reset Pools" module, the following options will be available.

Unassigning & Self-Assignment
As a volunteer program admin, you are able to remove all assignments from a pool at once in order to reset the pool. Unassigning all of your assignments will leave all volunteers and prospects in the pool but remove the relationship between them. You can also change the self-assignment configuration for a group of pools at once.

Update Stage Group
Easily change the stage group used for your selection of pools, in addition to resetting all prospects to a particular stage, i.e. resetting the stages for all prospects to start with a clean slate rather than doing it manually or through a Volunteer Assignments file. If the stage group is updated but the prospect stage is not reset, the volunteer will have the option to change prospects to the new stage values, but the old values will be maintained and displayed. If the stage group is updated to “No Stages," the stage data will be hidden in the platform but maintained on the prospect records.

Adjust the Giving Category

You can quickly update the giving data that is shown for these pools but bulk updating the Giving Category. When you make this adjustment, these pools will only show giving data from the selected category. This does not affect ask amounts.