Manage Your Team in EverTrue

Managing your team in the EverTrue Platform is easier than ever! Simply click on your name at the top right of the screen and click Settings, and then select the Manage Team Tab. In Manage Team, you can see:

  • Team Member - Name and email address their invitation was sent to
  • Authentication - If a team member has joined, it will tell you how long ago they joined. If they have been invited but have not authenticated yet, you will see how long ago they were invited.
  • Sessions - One of our most requested features! Sessions allow you to see how many times your team members have logged into EverTrue and their most recent session!
  • 2-Step Verification - See if your Team Members have enabled 2-Step Verification for added account security. Check out this article for more info about 2-Step Verification.
  • Actions - You can remove old team members by clicking the trash can in the Actions section. You can also resend invitations to new users by clicking the envelope icon.

Most importantly, this is where you can invite new Team Members.  Make sure to first check with your Customer Success Manager that you have open seats for new team members!

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