Map Radius Search

Quickly apply a radius search while browsing constituents to limit your results to a 1, 2, 5, 10, or 25-mile area. A radius can be set around the center of your current map view or a particular pinpoint. Enter an address, city name, or even a point of interest, like Starbucks, to drop a pin on the map.

Once you drop a pin or are centered on the location you're interested in searching*, click the radius icon near the top-right of the map and select the desired distance. 

A radius will be applied to your map and listed as an additional filter to your search. Your search results will then be narrowed down to only constituents that are within that radius. Because the radius search is applied as an additional filter, you can also switch from the map back to the table view to dive further into your results and save your search.

You can also filter by Address Type

Or enter an address to conduct the search

*You must be reasonably zoomed in on the map for the radius search option to be available without dropping a pin. 

Note: Radius search is currently not available in Lists or My Trips Maps.

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