Scheduled Exports

An exciting feature in EverTrue is the ability to schedule exports! Customers have the ability to schedule daily export files at a time they choose and have it delivered to them via secure FTP.

Why Scheduled Exports?

If you would like to extract data from EverTrue on a regular basis, our "Scheduled Exports" feature is a great option for you. The following files* are available via a scheduled export:  

The ability to schedule an export allows a customer to “set it and forget it," which minimizes the amount of time a Data Administrator needs to spend doing manual work.

EverTrue's scheduled exports run daily at the time set by your institution (see below). All exported CSV files are delivered to the /exports directory via SFTP. If you do not have access to your institution's directory with EverTrue, let us know. 

How to Set Up Scheduled Exports

  1. If enabled*, a customer will see a “Schedule Export” button located in Settings > Export Data.

2. Here, you can select Schedule Export to set up a time that works best for your institution. First, click the gear icon next to the file type:

3. Choose a time zone (which defaults to your current time zone) and set the time you want the export to run - these are separated into 30-minute increments from 12:00AM-11:30PM.

4. Once saved, you have the option to cancel the export or edit the previous settings at any time.

5. Exported CSV files will be delivered to your institution's EverTrue /exports directory via SFTP and can be picked up at any time. All exports are timestamped for each recognition. Our export process rechecks every ten minutes that the file has be delivered to your SFTP server and if it’s not there, we recopy it. The copy check will continue to happen until the next scheduled export is run. It would be best if files were not deleted but rather moved into sub-directories, since we will delete your files automatically after 90 days.

What Timeframe is Included in an Export File?

The scheduled export feature pulls interactions that have been written since the last time an export was run. So, if you are turning on scheduled exports for the first time, your first file will contain all interactions written in EverTrue. On a nightly basis, this will contain interactions written since the previous export. If an interaction is written close to the time of export, it will most likely not make it into that import file but will come out in the file for the previous day. 

For example, if your export runs at 7am EST, an interaction logged at 6:59am EST will most likely not be included in that day's file. EverTrue will always catch interactions that have not been exported yet and include them the next day. 

In the case your file contains no new data (no new interactions were entered/no interactions were edited) since the last export, we will still export your scheduled file. The file will contain the same headers as would be included in a file that contained data, but will not contain any data below the column headers.

A note on File Naming:

EverTrue includes a date in the name of every export file. This date is in GMT time which means that it will differ from the date in your local time. 

Ready to set up your scheduled exports? Let us know!

*Constituent data exports via the Browse section of EverTrue cannot be automated at this time.