Interaction Viewing and Filtering

Once you have your Interactions logged in EverTrue, whether imported or written in EverTrue, you'll have access to a new set of data via the Interactions tab in the Browse module.

This is a feed of all interactions, both imported and written. On the left, you will find the interaction type, constituent, and summary. On the right, you have the date, last update source, and the author. Click into the interaction for more details. 

Interaction Filters & Search

By using Filters, you can begin to drill down into interactions and constituents based on Interaction Type, Content, Date, and Author.

Use the main search function (at the top of your screen) to search for interaction keywords. You can even search hashtags! #EverCrew

Click any interaction to view more details or click "View all results" to see a full page of returned results. As a note, if you search a name and click "View all Results," you will see all constituents and interactions that contain that name. 

Once a keyword search is applied and you are viewing all results, you can apply additional filters. This is similar to applying an "Interaction Content" filter.

Viewing Interaction Details

Once you click on an Interaction, you will see interaction details, such as:

  • Constituent Name
  • Interaction Type
  • Interaction Author
  • Date of Interaction
  • Interaction Summary - like the "subject line"
  • Interaction Body - what took place, the body of the interaction
  • Last Update
  • Solicitors: solicitors that should be credited for the interaction

Viewing Interactions on a Profile

You can view any associated interactions for a constituent under the Interactions tab of their profile. 

Use those same great interaction filters from the Browse module right here on the profile.

For more information on how to use filters effectively, learn how other customers have been using our filter function.