Facebook Updates - 2018 (Archived)


What changed in 2018?

In an effort to address privacy concerns following alleged misuse of user information by "bad actors" or data scraping apps that don't comply with Facebook's intended privacy policies, philosophy, and commitment to its global community, Facebook released changes and steps on how they will continue to respect individuals’ privacy preferences and ensure responsible management of user data.

EverTrue became immediately aware of these changes, and took measures to support the preventative steps Facebook made to block misuse. EverTrue is committed to not only ensuring continued compliance with all of our partners’ terms of service but to surfacing constituent data to our customers in an ethical manner that respects an individuals privacy. Specifically, EverTrue does not capture personal information from Facebook beyond an engager’s name and the content they’ve already publicly liked, reacted to, or commented on, which we use to match against your constituent base. 

What does this mean for the Facebook pages that are monitored in EverTrue?

EverTrue's integration for monitoring school Facebook pages, after explicitly receiving permission from a page administrator, was approved by Facebook.

How can I reconnect my Facebook pages in the EverTrue Platform?

EverTrue has outlined the steps you will need to connect your institution's Facebook pages here, including obtaining proper permissions on your Facebook pages and how to connect them in the EverTrue Platform. If you have any questions or need help with this process, contact EverTrue's Customer Support via the "Contact" link near the top right of this page.

What else should I know about these Facebook changes?

With EverTrue as your digital fundraising partner, please be assured, we will continue to help you adapt to any changes, and listen to your constituents through multiple channels in a way that is compatible with responsible data use. We’re committed to working alongside you to help you engage more alumni, raise more support, and measure your success in the best ways possible.

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