Inviting & Removing Volunteers

Inviting Volunteers into Volunteer by EverTrue

When you are ready to launch your volunteer program, the first step is to invite your volunteers to the Volunteer by EverTrue platform

1. Log into the EverTrue Platform and navigate to the Volunteers tab on the left side menu. 

2. Click on one of your Pools, and once inside you'll see a list of your volunteers. Next to each volunteer's name there will be one of three symbols. 

New -- This means the user has not yet been invited to the Volunteer by EverTrue platform. 

Grey Circle Arrow -- This means that the volunteer has been sent an invitation but they have not accepted it yet, i.e. they have not logged in.

Teal Circle Arrow -- This means that the volunteer has successfully logged into the Volunteer platform. 

3. For users who have not yet been invited, select the three dots in the top-right corner of the volunteer card. You will see the option to then invite the volunteer ("Send App Invite").

4. You will then have the option to choose which email to send the invitation to. You can select either the primary email listed on the constituent's record or type in a different email. 

Removing Volunteers from Volunteer by EverTrue

To remove a Volunteer from the Volunteer by EverTrue platform, head into and navigate to the Volunteers section on the lefthand navigation bar. 

Hover into the Volunteers tab, and you will see a table with columns, include a column for Authentication. You will see the option to Remove Volunteer Access for any one of your Volunteers here:

Once access is removed, your Volunteer will not be able to log back into Volunteer by EverTrue unless you re-invite them.

Removing Volunteers from a Pool

Removing a Volunteer from a pool is a slightly different process. To do this, navigate to the Volunteers section of Select the pool you would like to remove the Volunteer from, find them in the list of volunteers, and then click the three dots to view the "Remove from Pool" option.

Want to send bulk invitations? Learn how here

Note: Volunteer invitations will automatically send reminders every 14 days and are valid for 30 days. After that period of time, the invitation will need to be resent to the user if they have not authenticated.