Trips & Meetings: Calendar Sync

Stay on top of your trips and meetings by connecting your calendar with the Trips & Meetings module in EverTrue! Follow these steps to enable the connection.

Important Notes

  • Syncing between Trips & Meetings and your calendar provider is one-way. This means that edits to trips need to be made in the EverTrue platform. Any edits made in your calendar application will not make it back into EverTrue. 
  • If you have connected a prior calendar service with EverTrue, you will need to disconnect the older service. Follow the disconnecting steps here after you complete the syncing steps below.

Syncing Steps

1. Navigate to the Trips & Meetings section of EverTrue. In the top right corner, use the pink Actions button to select Connect External Calendar.

2. You will be taken to the following screen asking for permission for Cronify (the calendar sync provider) to manage your calendar. Please select your calendar provider from the list and follow the steps to enable your calendar. 

3. You will then be taken back to EverTrue. Now, your calendar service is connected, but you need to indicate which of your calendars to connect your trips to. Click the "Select Calendars" button to make your selections:

4. Check the boxes of the calendars to connect. You may see other calendars in this list that aren't your own. Do not be alarmed -- these might be institutional or peer calendars that you have access to through your calendar provider. 

5. Then you are all set! Any trips and edits will automatically push to your calendar. 

Disconnecting Previous Calendar Service with EverTrue

  1. Find the URL for the EverTrue calendar. It will look similar to
  2. Use the instructions linked here to delete the EverTrue calendar. 
    Google instructions
    iCloud instructions
    Outlook & Office 360 Instructions

Now you're all set! Reach out with any questions to