Adding Interactions to EverTrue

Included with the EverTrue Core platform is the option to import Interactions (contact reports, meeting notes, emails, etc). Interactions enhance your EverTrue experience by providing an additional layer of data that is otherwise buried with your database. 

To view the interactions after the import, click Interactions on the left side panel, and if desired, you may use the Filters feature to only return specific Interaction Types.

Imported Interactions may also be viewed on the constituent's record by opening the record, selecting Interactions. 

To import Interactions:

  1. Contact us here or email and tell us that you would like to begin importing interactions.
  2. Review the Interactions File Guide and add begin drafting your import CSV file. Our team can help you double check your file once you have a draft ready. Note, this is a separate file from your main constituent file. 
  3. After our team has looked at your file and given you the green light, import your first interactions file and review the data in EverTrue.

You may include as many interactions as you need. If you would like to automate the feed of interactions to EverTrue and are currently delivering files via SFTP, you can do the same here. Just make sure to follow our SFTP Naming Conventions. If you are not using SFTP and would like to start, let us know!

If you are interested in writing interactions in EverTrue, reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information.