Adding Categorized Giving

EverTrue now supports the inclusion of secondary giving categories in addition to Total Giving. This means that your users will be able to see more specific giving information on a constituent profile in EverTrue. If your institution maintains fiscal year giving totals for the annual fund, scholarships, and major gifts, read below to learn how to bring these totals into EverTrue.

To enable giving categories:

  1. Email and tell us that you would like to begin importing additional giving categories.
  2. Review the Constituent File Guide and add the Categorized Giving fields to your import file. *Remember to include the new field: Category name.
  3. Once we have enabled the feature for you, import your new file and review the data in EverTrue

We recommend that you do not exceed five giving categories in addition to your total giving data. If you are interested in more than five, please contact us. 

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