Bulk Add to List

If you're looking to add a large set of constituents to a list from a search that returned 50+ results, use our Bulk Add to List feature! It allows you to quickly add all of your search results to any list, trip or volunteer pool! 

  1. Start with a search segment that you're interested in. In this example, I've generated a segment with 285 constituents that I'd like to add to a list.
  2. Click the checkbox next to "Add all..." which will initially select the first 50 constituents.

  3. Once selected, you'll see a light blue bar appear asking if you'd like to "Select all X Constituents" - click to add all. 

  4. After all of the constituents you want to add are selected, click "Add to..."  to open a dropdown menu of your current personal and shared lists, in addition to letting you create a new list. (Pro Tip: You can also bulk add constituents to a Trip or Volunteer Pool from this menu!)

5. Select the list you're adding to or create a new one to bulk add all of the constituents to that list. It's that easy!

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