EverTrue Playbook (Chapter 6): Get Proactive with Your Social Strategy

Work with your communications team to post relevant content on Facebook that will help you improve donor segmentation, event outreach, and overall engagement.

First, make sure you have a good understanding of the social insights you can view within EverTrue.


Via our exclusive partnership with LinkedIn, EverTrue displays current job information, job title, industry, and location. This helps you not only locate potential prospects, but better understand their capacity and interests. It will also help you understand if the career information you have on file for that constituent is out of date. You can layer this data on top of the existing career information you already have in your database. For example, using our COMPANY filter you can search for both constituents in your database that work at a certain company as well as the constituents who are self-identifying on LinkedIn as working at that company.


EverTrue automatically attempts to match anyone who has interacted with your Facebook pages that you’ve asked us to track with records in your database. Once we’ve matched the record, you’ll be able to:

  • Search for keywords using the Facebook Content Engagement filter to see everyone who’s interacted with posts containing your search term.
  • Searches for your most engaged constituents based on the number of posts they’ve liked or commented on.
  • Search for recent engagement in the last day, week, month, quarter, year, or any custom date range.
  • EverTrue profiles will also list total Facebook interactions as well as recent engagement, helping you understand the connections and interests of every person in your database.
  • Using the Facebook tab in EverTrue, you can also view individual posts to see all matched constituents who have reacted to the post along with the lifetime giving of all engaged alumni, parents, and friends.

Create a Communication Plan to Funnel Insights that Fuel Your Outreach

Start by talking to your communications team about what they post on Facebook. Look at your page’s feed to learn what resonates with your audience, then work with them to create content that works in-step with your fundraising and engagement plan for the year.

Create Pipeline for Crowdfunding or Capital Campaigns

The University of Virginia used proactive outreach on social media to help fund two $3 million professorships. By regularly posting about beloved faculty members on Facebook, the UVA team created outreach lists including everyone who liked or commented on those posts to achieve their fundraising goals.

Boston University used similar strategies to prioritize calls for its annual phonathon. Its team achieved a 75 percent success rate when calling donors who had engaged on relevant Facebook posts.

Support Event Attendance

You can easily customize your email outreach by building audience segments in EverTrue of alumni who have interacted with specific content on Facebook. For example, instead of sending one email to all alumni about Homecoming, you can tailor the message to match an alum’s interests with the events you’re organizing for that weekend, driving better open and response rates with every email.

The University at Buffalo uses Facebook engagement data to drive event attendance from disengaged alumni. Using EverTrue’s map feature, the UB team can see which alumni regularly attend events or have never attended an event in a particular region. They then use that information to customize outreach via email and Facebook ads to drive attendance.

Create a Digital Engagement Score

Using EverTrue, Cornell University found that nine percent of all alumni who had engaged with school during the fiscal year only did so digitally. They’re now using that information to provide other meaningful ways to engage this cohort of Cornellians and your team can do the same.

Take Advantage of Historical Contact Reports in EverTrue

Make this new task a habit! EverTrue allows you to keyword search across all of your imported contact reports. Just use the search bar at the top of your screen.

For example, type in “soccer” to see who has mentioned the sport during past meetings or phone calls. If you’re running an athletics event or sending a sports-themed appeal, use this information to boost your efforts.

The same goes for anyone who has mentioned a beloved professor or faculty member in conversations.  This could pave the way to find constituents to fund a scholarship in their name. 

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