EverTrue Playbook (Chapter 5): Acquire More Info About Your Constituents

We’ll do our best to match tons of your constituents to corresponding profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook. But if we’re unable to make a match, you can do this yourself via manual matching to make sure you have the most up-to-date career and engagement data.

Match a LinkedIn Profile

This will give you updated career info as well as geographic location information for every matched constituent.

(We automatically connect EverTrue profiles to LinkedIn profiles via email address.)

Match a Facebook Profile

Matching a Facebook profile is a little bit different than matching a LinkedIn profile. While you can copy and paste a LinkedIn URL to connect a profile, Facebook matching is done based on the constituents who have already engaged with your content. We cannot match Facebook profiles if they have never liked or commented on a piece of content from the Facebook pages you are bringing into EverTrue. You can either match someone through their profile or by looking at the “Unmatched Engagers” of a Facebook post. 

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