EverTrue Playbook (Chapter 4): Kill Spreadsheets and Move Your Lists to EverTrue

Let’s work more efficiently. You can also share any list or segment with another EverTrue user or use our commenting feature to quickly communicate or ask questions.

Here are the types of lists you should create as you begin your EverTrue partnership (you can even copy-and-paste lists of constituent IDs or emails into EverTrue to recreate offline lists). You’ll find dozens more reasons to create and share lists once you get started!

Trip Lists

“Here’s who I’d like to meet with when I travel to New York next week.” Remember every list you create is also viewable on the EverTrue Advancement mobile app, so you’ll be able to leave that briefcase behind.

City Lists

(any city that you ever think you’ll go to) treating these as if they are your backup list. This is a list that you could use for filler trips, or just as a starting point for when you are planning a trip. These lists are often a combination of people who are assigned to you in that city, as well as unassigned constituents who would be great to meet with.

Event Lists

Create your invitation lists in EverTrue and share them to make sure you’re inviting the right constituents. Break down silos and easily work with alumni relations, the annual fund, and gift officers to identify the right invitees.

You can also copy-and-paste lists of event attendees into EverTrue for outreach before, during, and after an event.

People of Interest

Track groups that you might like to learn more about and meet with, whether it’s existing or potential volunteers, reunion attendees, Trustees, regional volunteers, or more.

Affinity Groups

As constituents self-identify their interests via Facebook engagement, event attendance, or restricted giving, you can easily keep track of these cohorts in EverTrue.

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