EverTrue Playbook (Chapter 2): For the "Owner"

click here!Are you in charge of the EverTrue partnership? Here are a couple things to get you started.

Get Help Rolling Out EverTrue

In this webinar, we share how partners such as the University of Northern Illinois, Oklahoma State University, and the University at Buffalo have made EverTrue an integral part of their advancement operation.

Form a User Group

This is a great way to break silos and get users together to talk about how they’ve been using EverTrue. We suggest getting together monthly to share tips, the latest product updates, new data in the platform, and more.

Here are some questions to guide your discussion:

  • What are some of our wins in EverTrue?
  • What do we still have questions about?
  • What new ways are we using the product?
  • How can we collaborate more inside the product?
  • Is there any data we would like to add to make EverTrue more valuable?

Your Customer Success Manager can also dial into these meetings to answer any questions or provide examples of how our other schools are utilizing the tools.

Mobile-ize Your Team

EverTrue offers great, free apps for iOS and Android devices. Use the EverTrue Advancement app to unlock the power of your data combined with updates from LinkedIn, Facebook, Zillow, and more whether you’re down the hall or halfway around the world. Make sure every user has downloaded the app.

For Chapter 3, click here!

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