Online Giving: FAQ on Marketing

What mailing services can we use?  

For email marketing services, you are free to choose whichever service works best for your team. Some of the most widely used service on the market today are Emma, MailChimp, and Constant Contact. 

How do we promote our giving page(s) via email?  

You can promote your giving page through any outlet, whether that is an email marketing service or your normal mailing client - all you need is the giving page URL or your constituent's personal URLs (pURL), if you’re sending out targeted promotions to specific individuals. 

Can we attach videos to our promotions? 

This depends on the service you use to promote your giving page(s) via email. Most email marketing services allow for the embedding of videos.

Does EverTrue provide any integrations for email marketing services? 

Currently, EverTrue does not directly integrate with any email marketing services. However, we provide you with all the necessary pieces to run a successful email marketing campaign for your giving pages.

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