Online Giving: FAQ on Page Analytics

How do I see who has visited my page, but not started the form? 

Head to the Giving Dashboard >> Overview. In the Visitors bar graph, hover your mouse over the top section of the middle "Started the form." Hovering over this section will display the number & percentage of visitors that did not start the form. If you're looking to dive in deeper, navigate to the Non-Donors tab. Any matched non-donors, whether they just visited your giving page or started the form, will show up here.

Where do I find a page's Visit to Gift rate?

To find a gift's "Visit to Gift Rate," open the Giving Dashboard and head to the Overview Tab. To the right of the Visitors bar graph, you'll see the "Visit to Gift Rate" based on the specific pages and timeframe you are filtered on.

How do I know if a gift was matched to a constituent or not?  

In the Giving Dashboard under the Gifts tab, you'll find a Matched Constituent column and Match Type column. Both help indicate whether a gift has been matched to a constituent record and how they were matched. Click on any gift to view the Donor Card for more information. 

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