Online Giving Playbook (Chapter 6): A Plan for the Year

Ideas to Power Year-'round Fundraising

Day of Giving
Giving days or other short-term giving campaigns are great ways to energize your donor base and create excitement. EverTrue can help power your next day of giving by giving your constituents a simple, mobile-friendly way to join in. Use custom gift amounts (“Give $33 on 3/3!”) and branding to communicate the day’s theme. If you build multiple forms, you can easily reach out to your audience based on donor preferences and connect their interest with gift opportunities.Plus, with Evertrue’s simple reconciliation and reporting features, it’s easy to update volunteers, donors, and non-donors with gift totals in real-time.

Instead of paying for a separate crowdfunding-only platform, leverage your investment in EverTrue and direct access to donor interests via Facebook and LinkedIn data to power a crowdfunding campaign.Once you’ve defined your crowdfunding projects, build giving pages to match each effort. You’ll want to direct donors to a form that reflects their investment. You can update progress for each page by uploading a new background image with the dollars raised as the campaign progresses.Before you “go live” with the campaign, work with your communications team to plan out series of Facebook posts for each initiative. You can proactively build lists of potential donors based on the engagements with each post.

December/June Outreach
Don’t send the same thing to every non-donor. Customize the message as much as possible using key data points like giving history, Facebook content engagement, and last gift amount to build segments and personalize your appeals.

Solicit Donations at Event Check-in
At event check-in, use a mobile-friendly EverTrue giving form on an tablet to allow guests to make a gift as they pick up their nametag. The simple, easy to use form makes it convenient for alumni and family members to make a gift on the spot.

Post-Event Outreach
Leverage the great work done by your alumni and parent relations teams to engage non-donors by following up with appeals to event attendees. Make it personal by marrying the look and feel of your form to the theme of the event.

Promote Recurring Gifts
You can use your EverTrue giving pages to solicit new recurring gifts, which helps donors establish consisting giving habits and often results in increased fiscal year giving. Enable this feature on a page and use it to promote membership in a “society of sustainers” (please come up with a better name!) who give monthly to be a part of your institution’s year-’round efforts.FYI - One feature of our amazing partnership with Stripe is that the payment processor will connect recurring transactions to new credit cards after the old one has expired. No more chasing down lapsed donors for updated credit card info!

Membership Recruitment
Dues-based organizations such as The Rams Club, the University of North Carolina’s athletics foundation, use EverTrue giving pages to enroll new members. This is especially helpful when you’re on the road, as the giving pages are mobile friendly and work great on tablets and smartphones.If your organization is still collecting registration cards and carrying them by hand back to the office, all you need to do is create a new giving page to solve this problem.

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