Online Giving Playbook (Chapter 5): Outreach

Ideas for Segmentation

EverTrue makes it simple to create segments for outreach. You can use our powerful search filters to build custom audiences for giving appeals, then share these saved segments with colleagues within EverTrue or export lists of these prospects from EverTrue to use in your email marketing system.

There are a million ways to segment your audience in EverTrue for your next appeal. Here are just a few ideas to get you started. Be sure to check out the lists of “Segments to Build” that appears earlier in this playbook and in the annual giving best practices section of

Use the Annual Giving Score
EverTrue has created a proprietary annual giving score, which analyzes a donor’s giving history, engagement, and the giving patterns of similar constituents to deliver a prediction of whether or not that person will make a gift during the current fiscal year. A score of 100 means the donor is almost certain to give again, while hell might freeze over if a person rated with a 1 made a gift.

This is a great filter to use to prioritize outreach to those who are most likely to give, especially during crunchtime.

Engaged LYBUNTs, SYBUNTs, and/or Non-Donors
Use EverTrue’s unique Facebook integration to see which constituents have engaged with your institution’s Facebook pages in the last week, month, quarter or year. This is a great way to prioritize outreach to potential donors who have your organization top-of-mind.

Last Gift Amount
Move donors up the pyramid by filtering on Last Gift Amount and sending appeals that correspond to the level at which they gave.

EverTrue’s partnership with LinkedIn allows you to access current career information for your constituents, giving you additional intel when you’re creating an appeal that matches a prospective donor’s day job.

Start an East vs. West or Boston vs. NYC challenge. Why not? It’d be fun!

Education, Major, or Known Interest
You can create segments based on any information you’re pushing to EverTrue, whether it’s a college major, club activity, or participation in past restricted giving campaigns.

You can also filter using Facebook keyword interaction. More on that later!

Staff or Volunteer Roles
At the beginning of the year, it’s time to get your most-committed donors on board. Use EverTrue to create lists of staff, volunteers, trustees, class leadership, and more.

Proactive Outreach Using Facebook

EverTrue’s integration with Facebook means you can now seed lists for future donors by aligning your social media communication strategy with your annual giving outreach.

  • Not only can you surface engaged constituents using EverTrue’s search filters, but you can also create lists of people who have interacted with content on your Facebook page about specific themes.
  • Use the Facebook Content Engagement filter to search for specific keywords. For example, if you have an upcoming campaign focused around supporting science instruction, look for terms such as “STEM,” “science,” “biology,” “chemistry,” or a beloved professor’s name.
    • With each keyword search, you can quickly add anyone appearing in the results to a list for an upcoming appeal, then share the list with other EverTrue users in your office.
  • Work with your communications team to create and share Facebook content in advance of the campaign to add even more alumni, parents, and friends to the list.
    • The posts don’t have to be as direct as “Like this if you want to give to science!,” but you can share stories about the people who make your department great, the students who have done amazing things within the program, alumni who are leaders within the field, or more.
    • Every interaction with these posts give you a clue to a potential donor’s interests, and you can then deliver an appeal that aligns with their passions.
  • Use EverTrue’s Google-like search feature to look for past contact reports from prospects who have mentioned interest in a particular topic or initiative and include them in your outreach if appropriate.


Track gift sources for customized outreach.
It’s easy to pull lists of all donors who have given through an EverTrue giving page. You can use this information for stewardship outreach. If a donor gave to a specific cause or fund, keep them in the loop about the impact of their contribution. Demonstrate progress by regular touch points and when the time is right, ask them to contribute again.

Test. Analyze. Repeat.

Since EverTrue giving pages are so customizable, it’s easy to test each element to see what resonates most with your audience.

Make one small change at a time to see if you can increase gift conversion rates (the number of people who visit your form vs. the number who make a gift) or increase the average gift amount. Try tweaking things like…

  • Background image (Seriously, this matters.)
  • Suggested gift amounts
  • Language on the form
  • Number of potential gift amounts
  • Email language or design directing people to the form

Only make one change at time so you can determine a clear winner. These are called “A/B tests” since they are one-to-one comparisons of which small change improved page performance. Keep trying new things, test each iteration, and your online giving game will be better than ever.

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