Online Giving Playbook (Chapter 4): Reporting

EverTrue’s Online Giving platform offers powerful reports and insights into the activity and funds raised with each giving page. Set up a plan to review the reports regularly to track progress toward your goals.

Weekly Check-ins

Non-donors (weekly follow-up)

  • Follow up with anyone who has abandoned your giving form. Thanks to EverTrue’s partnership with Stripe and the ability to create personalized urls within the platform, you often know who has visited the page and started the form, but left without making a gift.
  • Create a plan (see below) on how to follow up with these non-donors.

Specific page (weekly report of gifts)

  • Track performance of your giving forms weekly. This helps keep tabs on different initiatives and test which forms of outreach work best.
  • Change the photo on the page to see if it makes a difference or try testing whether it makes sense to add suggested gift amounts to your page. Tracking the test results will help you be more effective in your solicitations. Check the “Outreach” section of this playbook for more ideas on testing giving form performance.

Plan to Follow-up with Gift Abandoners

You need to create a follow-up plan for anyone who has abandoned the giving form (visited, but left without actually making a gift). It’s possible they started making a gift but got distracted or may not realize the impact of small donations. Whatever the reason, these constituents represent low-hanging fruit and need to hear from you.

It’s okay to be direct and let the alum, parent, or friend know that you know they visited the page but didn’t make a gift. They’re used to this experience in the for-profit world as shopping websites regularly send emails about items the user didn’t purchase or display ads to people around the web for days after they visit a site.

Here’s a an example of a good follow-up note: 

“Hi, this is <NAME>.  

You may have been thinking about making a gift to <INSTITUTION> recently. 

We noticed that you visited our giving page and started filling out the form, but left before you could finish donating. On behalf of every student and instructor at <INSTITUTION> who benefit from your support, I’d love to help you complete your gift. 

You can make a gift here or call me at <NUMBER>.

Thank you for your willingness to stand behind everything that makes <INSTITITUTION> great.”

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