Online Giving Playbook (Chapter 3): Giving Page Best Practices

Create One Page… Then Another… Then Another

With EverTrue, you’re no longer stuck with only one, static giving form. You can now marry the design of your giving pages and receipts to match segmented appeals, specific campaigns, and more.

Upgrade Your Main Gift Form to an EverTrue Giving Page

Follow these instructions to create your first EverTrue giving page, which will become your new main giving form.

  • Make sure you choose an image that reflects your institution’s brand and would appeal to a wide variety of donors.
  • You can come back and change this often to reflect different times of the year or match it to the look of your most recent campaign.
  • Don’t forget to customize the receipt to match!

After you’ve built your giving page, you’ll have to connect it to your website to make sure it’s easy to find.

  • Starting with your alumni site, make sure “Give Now” or “Support Us” links direct to your new giving page.
  • Make sure to update your .edu or .org site with the new link, as well.
  • Check the giving links in navigation menus and footers on both sites to ensure they’re pointed to the right destination. Broken links are good at hiding in these spots!

Redirect your old giving form to the new EverTrue page

  • You’ll likely need a hand from your IT department or website manager. Once your new EverTrue giving page is live, have them forward the old giving form link to your shiny new page! This way any existing links from outside your site will automatically forward to a more current giving form. The same goes for anyone who bookmarked the old form.
  • If you’re already using a friendly url for your giving form (i.e., make sure that has been updated to point to your new giving page.
  • Check your school-owned websites using Google Webmaster Tools to see if you need to update any broken links pointing to the old, defunct form.

Create More EverTrue Giving Pages

One of the beautiful things about EverTrue’s online giving platform is that it allows you to create unlimited giving forms. This gives you an opportunity to deliver a customized giving experience with every single appeal you send.

Before you start creating hundreds of amazing forms, make sure you have a process in place to track the performance of each one.

  • You can easily track giving page performance using the Giving Dashboard within EverTrue
    • Create a searchable naming convention for each page. Something like “MM/DD/YY_AppealCode_CampaignName” makes it easy to quickly find pages you’re looking for, especially if you’ve created dozens of custom giving forms.
  • Each month or every quarter, you can use your Giving Dashboard to individual page performance to understand what resonates most with your donors.
    • As you enter gifts from EverTrue into your database, adding a source code to each gift entry that matches the source of the giving form helps you track donor interest and appeal performance in your database. This is great for in-depth reporting, future solicitations, and ongoing stewardship.                                                                                

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