Online Giving Playbook (Chapter 2): Must-have Segments

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Start out by building  saved segments. These are dynamic searches that run constantly, delivering daily alerts and updates from your donors. Instead of waiting for weeks-old printouts, get the information you need, almost in real-time.

Segments help the team stay on top of relevant information, collaborate with each other, and get the most out of your EverTrue partnership. Each user can build segments for their own use or to  share with teammates for full visibility into fundraising efforts.

Annual Giving

Class Reports
Every annual giving team member should set up segments corresponding to their class assignments of donors who have given in the last week to see reports of who’s given recently, speeding up the stewardship process.

Reunion-Year Giving
Do the same for reunion classes.

Gifts from Volunteers
If you’re sending volunteer designations to EverTrue, you can set up segments to track participation from these key constituents.

Giving Society Level Gift Alerts
Set up a segment looking for annual fund gifts that meet or exceed your giving society levels to surface new high-capacity donors and steward existing ones.

Newly Engaged LYBUNTs and/or SYBUNTs
Tracking Facebook engagement helps you know when you’re top-of-mind with past donors. With a segment set up to track Facebook reactions and comments, you can easily find out which former donors are currently thinking about your institution.

Make it a habit to follow up regularly with a “renew your support” message to these engaged non-donors.

High-level Engagement
Target a number of Facebook interactions (five is a good number to start from) and set up a segment looking for people who have hit that mark this fiscal year. You’ll receive alerts as new constituents are added to the segment. These highly engaged prospects should be at the top of your outreach list.

Annual Giving Score
EverTrue has created a proprietary annual giving score, which analyzes a donor’s giving history, engagement, and the giving patterns of similar constituents to deliver a prediction of whether or not that person will make a gift during the current fiscal year. A score of 100 means the donor is almost certain to give again, while hell is more likely to freeze over than a person who’s rated with a 1 makes a gift.

Pick a starting annual giving score  (80-and-above, for example) and add a “Giving Pattern = LYBUNT” filter to create a list of likely-to-give non-donors to watch. This is the very definition of low-hanging fruit!

Prospect Research

Gifts $1,000+ from unassigned donors
Build pipeline as unassigned donors demonstrate capacity. Researches can receive alerts when a large gift comes in and then flag the donor for further wealth screening.

Campaign Pipeline: Gifts in Response to Targeted Outreach
If you’re in a campaign or know you have one coming soon, you can “chum the waters” or “seed the field” for future donors by tracking gifts that come into related EverTrue giving pages. For example, if you have an annual fund page dedicated to scholarships and you know the next campaign will be focused on financial aid, review donors to the scholarship page for giving capacity.

For Major Gifts

Gifts from Assigned Donors for Each Officer
Every officer can set up a segment tracking prospects in their portfolio and receive notifications anytime one makes a gift.

Gifts Less than $500 from Donors with an Assignment
When an assigned donor makes a small gift, the major gift team should know. It doesn’t mean you need to react instantly and act for more, but it is a potential conversation starter down the road.

Gifts from Trustees and Alumni Leadership
If you’re sending volunteer or alumni association roles to EverTrue, you can track whenever parent or alumni leadership makes a gift, giving you the chance to follow up with a quick thank-you.

Kill Excel Sheets, Use EverTrue

Working in advancement requires constant collaboration with your colleagues to plan outreach, prepare lists for your next appeal, or review for in-person visits.

You can collaborate on all of the above and more within EverTrue and always have access to the latest constituent information, whereas a shared spreadsheet or print out is outdated the moment it’s created.

Transition your shared documents into EverTrue to maximize collaboration and cooperation among your team. Visit for more information about sharing listssharing segments , or communicating via comments on a shared list.

Customize Your Data for Better Outreach

You can import custom data points to make EverTrue’s search filters even more powerful. Here are a few suggestions of data points you could work with your advancement services team to send to EverTrue.

  • Custom donor ratings — If you have your own rating system, you can easily send that information to EverTrue.
  • 5-10-15 consecutive-year donors — Track segments of your most loyal donors to celebrate and steward their commitment.
  • Since-grad donors — See above!
  • Event attendees — You can copy lists from specific events into EverTrue or track all event attendees for the current fiscal year. These engagement points are great indicators for future giving.

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