Enabling Auto-deletion

Are you constantly approving a large number of deletions in Console? Do you want your SFTP process to be completely automated when you are importing Full Imports? EverTrue now has the ability to enable auto-deletions for your institution. 

Note: This applies only to full Imports, where implicit deletions occur. You can learn more about import types here.

To enable this feature, email genius@evertrue.com with written consent that EverTrue may automatically delete any records marked as "Pending for Deletion" upon completion of a full import. 

Additional details:

  • Once data is deleted, it cannot be retrieved.
  • If auto-delete has been enabled, reporting is no longer available for those records that were marked for deletion and removed. 
  • We will only auto-delete up to 2,500 records or 5% of your data set, whichever we reach first. If the number of pending deletions is larger than 2,500 or 5%, a Console Admin will be required to log in and manually approve the deletions. 
  • You do not have to be using SFTP to use this feature. Customers who are manually uploading full imports may also utilize this feature.