Upgrading to an EverTrue Premium Alumni Community

If you have just upgraded your EverTrue Alumni Community to a premium account, there are a few simple steps to complete and launch your new fully branded application - we are excited for you to get started! 

Once the steps listed below are completed, we will begin building your application for Android and setting up your iOS and web application.

Branding your Alumni Community

Let's start with the branding! Because you already have EverTrue's Standard Alumni Community up and running, we have several design assets ready and in place (stored in  Console). However, to fully brand your stand-alone premium application, we will need a few more pieces!

The specs for any new design assets can be found in Console >>  Design, navigating between the different tabs to upload each new item.

Launch Screens
These launch or splash screens will appear while your app is loading. All dimensions are listed in Console.

App Icon
Represent your brand on your alumni's mobile phone and tablets. All needed dimensions are listed in Console.

(If you aren't seeing these new design assets as an option in Console, reach out to Customer Support at genius@evertrue.com for assistance.)

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