Upgrading to an EverTrue Premium Alumni Community

If you have just upgraded your EverTrue Alumni Community to a Premium account, there are a few simple steps to complete and launch your new fully branded application - we are excited for you to get started! 

1. Branding your Alumni Community

Let's start with the branding! Because you already have EverTrue's Standard Alumni Community up and running, we have several design assets ready and in place (stored in Console). However, to fully brand your stand-alone premium application, we will need a few more pieces!

The specs for any new design assets can be found in Console --> Design, navigating between the different tabs to upload each new image. Check out both the Launch Screens and App Icon (under Logos) in particular - these are new!

Launch Screens
The launch or splash screens appear while your app is loading. All dimensions are listed on site.

App Icon
Represent your brand in the App Store and on your alumni's mobile phone and tablets. All needed dimensions are listed on site. 

*Note, if you aren't seeing these new design assets as an option, reach out for assistance.

2. Creating your Apple Developer & App Store Connect Accounts

In order for EverTrue to build and ship your premium Alumni Community app, your organization will need an Apple iOS Developer Account. Check within your organization to see if anyone already has an account. If not, thankfully it is a simple and quick process to get started - click here for more information! For Android, no similar account is needed. 

3. Inviting EverTrue

In order for EverTrue to deploy your premium Alumni Community, we need to be invited as an Admin to your organization's Apple Developer account and an App Manager to your App Store Connect account. Click here for instructions!

Once all three steps are complete and EverTrue has accepted the invitations from steps two and three, we will build & ship your application to Apple and Google for approval. Once we hear back from them, it won't be long after that your new app will be available in both Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.

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