Components of Volunteer by EverTrue


Volunteer by EverTrue: The platform your volunteers will use to access and manage their prospects. There is also a mobile platform available to your volunteers for both iOS and Android devices. 

EverTrue: Within EverTrue's Advancement Platform, you'll have an additional module called "Volunteers" where internal staff can manage your institution's volunteer program and platform. 

Volunteer Help: A volunteer friendly help site, containing articles and step-by-step guides to help them get started and/or answer any additional questions they may have. This site is managed and maintained by EverTrue. 


Pool: Pools are the highest level object in Volunteer. They are how you categorize and group sets of volunteer and prospect relationships. More on what a pool is can be found here

Volunteer: Volunteers are constituents you're asking to advocate for your institution. Volunteer records are imported from your database.

Prospect: Prospects are constituents that your volunteers will engage on behalf of your institution. Prospect records are imported from your database.