Alumni Relations Playbook (Chapter 4): Obtain Updated Career Info

Career information is notoriously very difficult to track — especially for young alumni who are moving and changing jobs often. Leverage EverTrue’s exclusive LinkedIn partnership to ensure your career data is up-to-date based on your graduates’ profiles on LinkedIn.

For example, try running a search in EverTrue using only your institutional data. Let’s say you want to find out which alums work at EverTrue according to your database:  

Voila! 22 results.

Now, add in LinkedIn data to surface more alums working at EverTrue based on what they self-report on LinkedIn:

Congrats! You’ve grown that group to 35. That means there are 15 additional alumni working at EverTrue that you previously didn’t know about. Congrats!

Go further: You can run these searches by Industry, Title/LinkedIn Headline, and even LinkedIn Location to gain access to additional information from outside your own database.

Don’t forget that you can see any institutional professional data (coming from your database) side-by-side with LinkedIn data in each constituent profile that we’ve matched to a LinkedIn account. This is another helpful way to catch discrepancies easily since anything with the LinkedIn logo comes directly from LinkedIn and everything else is from your database. See below for an example:

Career Information

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