Relationship Management Playbook (Chapter 4): “My Trips:” The Road Warrior’s Secret Advantage

Trip-planning just went from a painful time-suck to a delightfully simple task using My Trips in EverTrue. Now you can view a list of everyone you want to meet, plot out your meetings on a drag-and-drop calendar, add collaborators to organize talk tracks and strategy in advance, map out your routes, and more.

Spend less time planning and more time building relationships.

Learn the functionality of  My Trips on desktop and My Trips on mobile.

Make sure to download the EverTrue Advancement app on  iOS or Android to take advantage of our best-in-class mobile features.

Here’s a Taste of What You Can Do with My Trips

  • Easy travel planning and collaboration with colleagues — no more need for multiple systems
  • Go paperless! With the EverTrue Advancement app on iOS or Android, all your trip plans and constituent information travels with you. Leave the folders, binders, and briefcase behind!
  • Add collaborators to individual meetings or entire trips to keep your team up to date and on the same page.
  • Delegate trip planning to an administrative team member to set you up for success on the road.
  • Enjoy the seamless ability to edit meeting information as needed and add additional meetings while you travel.
  • Use Google Maps or Waze in the app to get directions as you go.
  • Connect your EverTrue trip to your calendar to manage your schedule.
  • Record contact reports immediately after a meeting from your smartphone or desktop.

My Trips: Must-Use Features

Anchor Visits
Start your trip planning by assigning anchor visits to each day. This way, you know when your cornerstone conversations will take place and you can easily add in visits surrounding them.

Use the Map When Planning
After you’ve booked an anchor visit, you can use the map to see other constituents on your trip list. This helps you quickly prioritize your visits and plan your routes between meetings. EverTrue will even tell you how long it will take to get from location to location!

Add Filler Visits on the Road
With EverTrue, a cancellation is now an opportunity to meet a new prospect. If you lose a meeting and have a gap in your calendar, open the app and see who you can meet in the area. Start with your portfolio or trip list, but if you don’t see anyone nearby, you can easily use the map search to find unassigned, highly engaged prospects or use the EverTrue score to sift through local constituents.