Search Strategy: Find Engaged Constituents for Trip Planning or Cold Outreach

Tactic: Use searches leveraging engagement information in EverTrue to locate non-donors who are the most connected to your organization.

If you’re importing engagement scores or event attendance records into EverTrue, you can run searches based on this information to view highly engaged prospects. Add search filters to eliminate recent donorsthose who have given in the past year, or to only view LYBUNTs. You should also look at recent social engagement to see who’s been engaging with your organization, but hasn’t made a gift in the last fiscal year. Use the “Last Facebook Engagement Date” filter or “Total Facebook Likes” to see recent and high-volume Facebook fans, then filter out those who have given recently.The resulting lists are great to share with a gift officer or annual fund administrator, supplying them with people who have your institution top-of-mind.

Results: Supply quality prospects with high levels of engagement to gift officers to help create more valuable visits and appeals.