Search Strategy: Meet More People On the Road

Tactic: Plan trips using the map or special search filter

In EverTrue, it’s easy to add visits to any upcoming travel.  Use the map feature and plug in the address of the hotel you’re staying at or the location of an existing meeting. You’ll easily see all the nearby alumni, parents, and friends. Then start applying search filters so you can meet with the right people—are they engaged on Facebook? Are they unassigned, but have recently given above a certain threshold? Do they live in a wealthy neighborhood or have a high-ranking job? Do they come in with a high EverTrue score, indicating a strong likelihood to give? In no time, you’ll have created a list of profiles and can start reaching out to book appointments. If you’re traveling with other people from your office, share the list with them so you can split the potential visit opportunities.

Results: Facetime with constituents leads to more stewardship opportunities, potential volunteers or increased giving.