Sample Outline for Demo-ing the EverTrue Community

Educate your community and staff about all of the awesome features and capabilities EverTrue provides. Do your own demo for your Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, your graduating class, or alumni!

You know how EverTrue fits into your individual community, so your demo may highlight certain aspects and ways in which your school uses those features. We have created a “guided tour” to give you an example of EverTrue features to display and explain, in order, during a demo.

Click on the app icon—if EverTrue asks you to re-authenticate, explain to your audience about entering an up-to-date email address, one that they have access to on their phones. Once you’re in your EverTrue platform, start your tour!

Map Feature

  • “Nearby” feature geo-locates the user and places pins of all of your community’s alumni who have addresses surrounding your current location.
  • Find alumni in your area to connect with—the ability to connect is great if you’re traveling or have moved to a new area. Connection is important even if you’re not on the go and haven’t moved in a while.
  • At the bottom of the screen, use the filter button to filter your search by name, company, school name, and year—your search will filter out the pins shown on the map.
  • At the upper right-hand corner of your screen, press the clipboard icon to see a list of 50 alumni surrounding your location.
  • Traveling to a different state or town? At the bottom of your screen, press the search icon to enter a state, town, city, country, or specific address to see which alumni live in that area or location.


  • On the map, click on a pin to show an individual profile.
  • Explain how data is pulled from school’s database as well as LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Demonstrate how you can connect with this person on LinkedIn through the app, suggest an update to the school about information on that person, and call or email the person through his profile.


  • To expand on the individual profile you have just shown your audience, use the “Directory” feature to search for a specific name, class year, company name, or school.
  • Results will show all the alumni within the criteria you have specified. Use the filter icon in the upper-right hand of your screen to filter your search further.

Social Feeds

  • Show your audience EverTrue’s ability to pull in your school’s social feeds.

Invite Friends

  • End your guided tour with the “Invite Friends” feature.
  • If you are showing one person or a small group of people, invite them to be EverTrue users!  
  • Encourage alumni to invite their friends to use the EverTrue platform.
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