How Leadership, Development, Alumni Relations Outreach, Admissions and Career Services should use the EverTrue Community

EverTrue is not just for alumni—it’s for you, too!  There are many ways to get creative using the app. To get the ball rolling, we have outlined ways in which different offices at your institution can use EverTrue: Development, Alumni Relations, Admissions, and Career Services.


  • Invite five influential or notable individuals to the app each week - constituents who would be delighted to be invited by your president or a trustee.

Development Office

  • Collect up-to-date information on your alumni as they authenticate with EverTrue using their most current email addresses.
  • Access alumni information on the road as a fundraiser.
  • Find alumni in the area as a traveling prospect manager. If an appointment gets canceled while you’re traveling, look up what other alumni you can connect with!
  • Connect with alumni on LinkedIn through EverTrue. Right after you meet alumni at an event, connect with them on LinkedIn by easily searching for their names on EverTrue. By connecting on LinkedIn, you will add to your network and see their networks as well. Receiving a LinkedIn invitation from you will also help alumni remember your conversations, thus strengthening the relationship between you and your community.

Alumni Office

  • Choose the best location for your alumni event. If you are hosting an alumni event in Boston, for example, use EverTrue to discover the areas with the highest density of alumni. Plan the event in that area of Boston to maximize attendance. People will be more likely to participate in alumni events if those events are close to them.
  • Refer alumni to EverTrue if they call to inquire for contact information of another alum. Alumni can use EverTrue to make the connection rather than requesting contact information from your office. Referring alumni to EverTrue will save you time and increase usage of the app.
  • When alumni register late for events, you may not have time to look up their information before you leave your campus. While traveling to events, use EverTrue to look up these people to see their profiles, some basic facts, and even their pictures from LinkedIn to become familiar with their faces before you even get there.
  • Collect updated alumni information right at events!  If you meet an alumna and learn that she just got a new job or recently moved, use EverTrue to “Send an Update” on that person’s profile immediately after you finish talking. Using EverTrue to note these changes will send an email to your office with this new information—you won’t forget what you learned and your office can update that person’s information in your database.


  • Identify alumni interviewers in a certain city or near a certain town. Use EverTrue’s map feature to view the locations of alumni who can help out with interviewing prospective students all over the country and the world.
  • Reach out to alumni to host open house admissions events where prospective students live. Identify the locations where your alumni can host open houses for more information on your school and have their contact information in the palm of your hand.

Career Services

  • Search by industry or company to see where alumni work. Invite alumni to serve as mentors to your current students for a certain industry or company.
  • Host networking events and invite current students and alumni – these events will help current students with career exploration and networking skills. Use EverTrue to locate the best areas in a city to host these events, depending on the concentration of alumni in a given area. Alumni at these events will be able to talk to current students about career paths. Additionally, they can stay up-to-date about the atmosphere and events going on at your school, thus strengthening their sense of connection to their alma mater.
  • Connect with your alumni on LinkedIn through EverTrue. If your school has a “Career Services” LinkedIn page, you can connect to your community by using filtered searches within EverTrue and then connecting on LinkedIn with alumni through their profiles. Instead of searching on LinkedIn for all of your alumni, you can choose to connect with alumni from a certain class year, company, etc.
  • Educate students searching for jobs about the app. The EverTrue app can be used during career services appointments with students to show them where to network and whom they can connect with.
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