Email Campaign Samples

Below are a few examples of Community app promotions through email. Take a look for some great ideas on where to start for your next email campaign promoting your Community!

The purpose of this email is two-fold.

  1. It garners excitement for the ultimate roll-out. Let them know what features will be included and how awesome it will be!
  2. This is a great opportunity to adhere to FERPA. You will want to tell them what information will be shown and give them the opportunity to ask for information to be hidden or to opt-out.

We have created a basic template (found below) for this email. Please take this as a base - adding some media and/or references that will resonate with your constituents will be very helpful.

Some schools take this opportunity to ask for "beta users" - their early adopters from whom they can ask for testimonials and invite their friends when a full rollout happens. Others focus on getting new information before rolling out. Some talk about the LinkedIn integration - it's up to you what you focus on. You can see more sample promotional text and a template for a full rollout plan in the Alumni Community Playbook.


In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out a brand new resource for you to be able to connect and network with your fellow alumni all over the world.  We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with EverTrue to bring you the {INSERT SCHOOL NAME} alumni network - at your fingertips. Discover what your school and your classmates are up to. Find jobs, old friends and reconnect.

The {INSERT SCHOOL NAME} Community will have much of the same information as our online community including contact and work information supplemented by LinkedIn and Facebook! Let us know if there is any new information you would like us to include or if you would like to us keep anything out.

We're looking forward to seeing how {INSERT SCHOOL NAME} Alumni connect!

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