Volunteer Giving Data

Your institution may be running a volunteer program that includes pools of volunteers assigned to solicit for a particular initiative, e.g. the annual fund or a current campaign. With this, you may only want to display a specific set of giving information to those volunteers that directly relates to the pool they are in. As an example, say you only want to show athletic giving to volunteers soliciting on behalf of the Athletic Foundation and not a prospect's entire giving history. This is where EverTrue's Giving Categories come into play! 

EverTrue offers the ability to import different sets of giving information to display to your Volunteers. We call these sets giving categories, and they mimic the format of our standard giving information in your constituent file. Similarly, all giving category data is ingested as a part of your main constituent file. (However, if adding this extra data will overload your constituent file, please reach out to genius@evertrue.com to learn how to separate that information out into a new CSV file.) 

Each giving category will contain information on lifetime giving, last gift, largest gift, and fiscal year totals. At this time, please email genius@evertrue.com for the field format. This will also prompt us to enable the ability to ingest this data for you so that you're ready to import and map when the file is good to go. 

As a recommendation, limit the number of Giving Categories implemented to 5 or less. These categories are still meant to reflect a higher level of giving summarization.  

Once your giving categories have been ingested into EverTrue, you'll be able to go to any pool (new or existing) and select the Giving Data Type you'd like to display. To do so, navigate to the Pool's Settings and choose the type. Note that only one giving type can display per pool and/or you have the option to hide giving information altogether for a pool. 

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