Getting Started with Volunteer by EverTrue

Ready to start using Volunteer by EverTrue? Follow the steps below to get started on everything from creating pools and adding volunteers and prospects, to getting your volunteers on the platform and using the product!


  1. Components of Volunteer by EverTrue.
  2. Creating a Pool - Whether you end up with 2 pools or 50 pools, start your set up by creating your first pool. If you are unsure of what a pool is, check out our article "What is a Pool?" Your Pool Settings and Goals can be set when you first create your pool - but don't worry, you can always come back and change the settings of a pool at any time.
  3. Adding Volunteers to a Pool
  4. Adding Prospects to a Pool

Up Next...

  1. Viewing the Volunteer Experience - Before inviting your Volunteers, you may want to test Volunteer by EverTrue yourself. Setting up an admin pool and allowing your Volunteer Program staff to test the product will help set them up to successfully support your Volunteers once you go live.
  2. Inviting Volunteers - Once you're ready, you can begin inviting your Volunteers to the platform.
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