Search Strategy: Build Prospect Lists for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Tactic: Use keyword searches and social data to find prospects who have mentioned specific interests or engaged with online content related to upcoming initiatives.

If you are importing interactions or contact reports into EverTrue, you can run keyword searches on interactions. Use the “Interaction Content” filter to find specific keywords like STEMtheater, or scholarships that match your upcoming crowdfunding projects.

You can do the same keyword search for people who have interacted with Facebook posts on different topics. 

Use the “Facebook Content Engagement” filter to find constituents who have interacted with posts containing relevant keywords, then save the search results to a list to use for campaign outreach.

Direct donors to a mobile-friendly EverTrue giving page for best results!

Results: Create lists of alumni, parents, and friends who have indicated an inclination to support an upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

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